VR MMO Zenith continues to hype up its upcoming beta and puts out a call for voice actors


RamenVR is plenty excited for the beta phase of its VR MMO Zenith. Not excited enough to announce a date for its testing, mind you, nor excited enough to talk about new features beyond its previously revealed new zone or customization options, but the game’s latest newsletter is absolutely excited about beta. Aren’t you excited? You should be excited. Probably?

“Soon, instead of watching from the sidelines, you all will be able to join us soon on this adventure and story of Zenith as it unfolds! […] We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!”

The newsletter otherwise nods in the direction of signups for ongoing focused tests that players can try out for, as well as a call for voice actors that’s still open until this coming Tuesday, November 9th. Otherwise, beta is coming soon™. Promise. Pinky swears.

source: official newsletter
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