EverQuest II celebrates its 17th anniversary, hires a new tradeskill designer


Where were you back in November 2004 when EverQuest II first came on the scene? A lot of expectations were placed on this follow-up to EverQuest — not to mention pressure to stand up to a newcomer in the market that year.

In any case, EverQuest II has gone on a fascinating journey since then, and this month the title is celebrating its 17th anniversary of live operation. Not only is the annual Heroes’ Festival raging in the game, but the developers posted high-quality splash art for each of the MMO’s expansions for you to enjoy.

In other EverQuest II news, Daybreak announced that it hired a new tradeskill designer from within the community: “Many of you already know her as the irrepressible halfling who has been running tradeskill websites based on the EverQuest franchise under the name of Niami DenMother, starting first EQ Traders Corner for EQ in 1998 then EQ2 Traders Corner for EQII when it launched as well. She has a strong MMORPG background as well as computer programming, writing and project management experience.”

Source: EverQuest 2, #2
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