Neverwinter comes under siege starting on November 11


So… hey, Neverwinter players, quick round of questions. Who exactly was it that told the Cult of the Dragon that they needed to siege the eponymous city if they wanted to be welcome? Because nobody’s mad, you’re not in trouble or anything, but that is… uh… actually happening now. The city is coming under siege on November 11th. So we need to find out who gave them that idea, even though you should probably help fight back against the siege even if you aren’t responsible. Sieges tend to lower property values, after all.

Of course, there are rewards inbound for players who help to stop the siege whether or not you are secretly responsible for giving the Cult of the Dragon this whole “siege” idea, although you’ll want to note that the old Siege of Neverwinter currency is now deprecated. So you’ll need to earn new currency to get new rewards, although you can use the old currency for a limited time to get old rewards. (You can also use new currency for old rewards, of course.) Look, just… get ready to defend the city through December 2nd. Whoever is responsible. Is it you?


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