Star Trek Online patches in a new warship event as Reflections is live for console players

Zorp? Phasers don't go zorp.

Who doesn’t like a free warship? It is suspected that Star Trek Online console players like free warships. Presumably non-console players also like free warships, but the latest patch for the console version is introducing the Equal and Opposite event specifically for console players, complete with a free Tier 6 Mirror Gagarin warship available to players who successfully acquire at least 20 daily progress points over the course of the event. You know, as the events usually go.

Earning daily progress is a matter of taking part in TFOs or episodes, so players will have a few different options to make forward progress on a daily basis rather than being forced to just spam one specific thing. This is also separate from the overarching meta-event, so if you don’t want a free warship for some reason, it won’t impact your ability to earn larger rewards. But hey, as mentioned above, who doesn’t like free warships? Are you really so replete with warships you can’t fit another one in there? That’s what we thought.


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