Villagers and Heroes looks at a level cap increase and home decoration


This past year, we’ve been a little concerned about Villagers and Heroes. The cross-platform MMO, which boasts a lot of fun features, has gone through periods of unsettling silence — a change of pace from years previous.

So what’s going on with MOP’s Indie MMO of 2019 these days? Well, the summer saw the release of the game’s third season of raiding, The Fiery Veldt, with new flair and relic rewards. This fall’s big push was the return of the Haunted Moors for last month’s Halloween celebrations. The patch also added new mount, toy, and companion menus while also giving Ardent City a “significant visual overhaul.”

According to a recent dev livestream, Villagers and Heroes is bringing in a Christmas event later this month while wrapping up the current raid season. A level cap increase was discussed as well. What’s quite interesting is that the developers also promised that players will soon be able to enter and decorate their instanced houses.

Last year, Villagers and Heroes sort-of released a new expansion, The Shadow of the Eclipse, in a beta state, intending to work on it while it was on the live servers. “Unlike previous expansions and builds that we’ve released in the past, we are going live with this new feature in a deliberately unfinished form so that we can iterate and improve upon it based upon the experiences and feedback of you all, our live player community,” the devs said in May 2020.

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