Wakfu’s next big update features a level cap increase and five new adventure islands


It’s not every day when the bizarrest MMORPG in town gets a preview for a major update, but that day arrived this week as Ankama previewed Wakfu’s 1.74 release, which boosts the level cap to 230 and adds five new islands with content, dungeons, gear, and quests for endgamers, as well as UI customization.

“Explore forgotten corners of the Shustuft Crust, far from the prying eyes of Rushu, who’s more interested in gazing at his own navel (thrilling for a while, no doubt, but there’s such a thing as overdoing it),” Ankama writes. “From renegade Shushus, to disorganized Shushus, to demons so crazy they’re fit to be untied, there’s tons to discover – in the visuals, story and mechanics, to be sure, but on an intellectual and emotional level as well.”

The studio’s dev blog leads players through each of the new islands: the Kingdom of Despair, Void Spiral, Citadel of Horror, Dementya, and the Route of the Dead. And if you watched the four-season Wakfu anime, you might recognize some things.

“We’ve all got the version from the animated series in our minds. A strong identity and an instantly recognizable world. Our idea here was to ask, ‘What if this dimension was much bigger than what we’ve seen of it so far?” Obviously, we kept the hellish aspect for Rushu’s area. But then why not develop other kinds of settings around that? It was a great opportunity to flesh out a basic vision that was already very interesting and inviting. So we baked up a tasty Shustuft Crust, but not necessarily the one that everyone was expecting!”

The beta is currently playable.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Joakim!
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