Elyon takes down its Halloween decorations and brings up a leaderboard event


It’s always a little sad when Halloween decorations are taken down, but it’s also understandable since we’re moving through the month of November. To that point, Elyon has put away its pumpkins and bats, but it has also brought up a new leaderboard event that runs until November 24th, which challenges players to complete various different tasks for points. Hitting certain point milestones grants rewards like weapons, a Lumius Selection Box, and perhaps most importantly a tuxedo cat, though most of the rewards only last for 30 days.

The rest of the game’s latest patch is primarily focused on consistency and performance adjustments, featuring a world quest schedule shift for EU servers in order to alleviate performance issues, the ability to destroy and sell the Party Member Summoning Door item, and the removal of the Direct Transaction button from the market UI. The notes point out that this is the last minor patch that Elyon will receive in this cycle, with a content patch due next week and further smaller patches following shortly behind.

source: official site (1, 2)

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