Albion Online outlines headquarters hideouts and power core mechanics coming with Lands Awakened


The information parade for Albion Online’s upcoming Lands Awakened update keeps on rolling. With this new update primarily about encouraging guild warfare, it’s perhaps not a big surprise that the November 24th patch will introduce things for players to fight over. One of those things is the hideout power core, an object that randomly spawns in the Outlands that can be captured and brought back to a location for certain benefits; think of it like the update’s energy vortices and energy crystals discussed earlier, except more frequent.

These new spawnable items link to another new system arriving with Lands Awakened: the headquarters hideout. Guilds can name one of their hideouts an HQ, which makes the assigned hideout invulnerable to attack. In order to keep a hideout a headquarters, it has to be powered up by – you guessed it – power cores. Where a HQ hideout is established matters, as certain high-quality zones will require more power for that hideout, and when power is too low, the structure becomes vulnerable.

Players unlock the ability to create HQ hideouts by earning sufficient Season Points in previous seasons, with higher ranks allowing an HQ hideout to be placed in better-quality regions. There are more specific details that can be read in the post or watched in the video below.

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