Gamigo continues the narrative tease for its in-development ‘uncertain folder’ MMORPG


Last week Gamigo decided that it would be neat to tease a new MMORPG through the use of videos that narrate “a world torn apart,” which seems to be an excuse to tell a gore-laden story instead. Details on this upcoming game are extremely scarce, but the studio noted that the next chapter of this tale would be shared if the first chapter got enough retweets on Twitter. Apparently, the Ravenous Algorithm has been satiated enough that the second chapter is now available for listening.

This next chapter once more has a grim overtone, with demons feasting on the main character’s slain daughter, a bestial feline character by the name of Secrum who saves our heroine and takes her to a war camp but also makes her feel awful about her family’s death and then invites her to join the war against the invading demons. Basically, Secrum sounds strong but also like a bit of a jerkwad. And once again, this narration does nothing to indicate just what the hell this MMORPG is going to be, other than it’ll have demons and violence.

Once more Gamigo seems to be promising that the next chapter will be revealed with enough likes and retweets, but in the meantime this next chapter can be listened to below.

sources: YouTube, Twitter
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