Season of Mastery in World of Warcraft: Classic will not have spell batching or same-faction battlegrounds

Over and over.

When WoW Classic first launched, it included spell batching. Not the same way that the original game had it, of course; no, this was a bespoke recreation of the functionality of spell batching to feel more authentic to the game as it was, even though the need for it was no longer there. But the game’s time-limited Season of Mastery servers will not have that particular inconvenience added back in, as official posts have confirmed no spell batching.

Similarly, players will have no same-faction battlegrounds, another element that was added into the game as a specific element; in this particular case, however, the addition was not in the original game. So the lack of same-faction battlegrounds will make the Season of Mastery server feel more authentic. That’s a good thing, right?

Meanwhile, on the retail World of Warcraft side, narrative lead Steve Danuser tweeted a hint about what the runes from yesterday’s mysterious runic teaser might mean. You won’t have to chew on that particular mystery for long, however, as the truth will be revealed today at 1 p.m. EST.

Source: Official Site (1, 2), Wowhead
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