Fiesta Online celebrates its 14th anniversary by asking players to use cupcakes as weapons


What better way to celebrate 14 years of an online game than by making delicious cupcakes and flinging them at your enemies? This is the legitimate rationale for Fiesta Online’s 14th anniversary bash, which features a Cupcake War Kingdom quest that asks players to do battle with enemies by using cupcakes as throwing weapons.

The confectionery fun isn’t relegated to cupcake ordinance, as the game’s main town areas will also be dressed up in candyland style, promising “flavorful flora, sweet saplings, gooey gumdrops, and literal chocolate fountains.” There’s also an anniversary quest chain that asks players to complete a variety of birthday-themed tasks, as well as another quest chain that guides players through the celebrations at hand for a festive reward.

It all runs between now and Tuesday, November 23rd, so prepare to celebrate and to never look at cupcakes the same way again.

sources: press release, official site
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