Final Fantasy XIV reminds players of numerical value drops and the mid-experience value reset

Short version: Get your leveling done before Endwalker

Who knows, you might even see this girl.

The arrival of Endwalker is just under three weeks away, and that means changes for Final Fantasy XIV. For example, it means that a lot of numbers are becoming smaller. Your HP totals are getting smaller, the stats granted by equipment and materia will be lowered, the overall values are shrinking. This also includes your experience to next level will be smaller, but when coupled with smaller experience rewards, the effect should be invisible… unless you’re halfway between levels, because your remaining experience will be reset.

When Endwalker hits, any accumulated experience between levels will be reduced to zero, so even if you were just one point away from the next level, you’ll be kicked back down to zero. Obviously this means that you should get your leveling of various jobs, classes, and Trust companions done before the Endwalker patch arrives rather than waiting. The good news is that you shouldn’t really notice the downscaled values in actual play, but if you were just a hair away from leveling up, you will definitely notice the experience reset.

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