Path of Exile’s next patch focuses on lots of bug crushing and a few minor improvements


Sometimes you just have to put out a patch that destroys bugs. Call it a roach bomb patch. That’s the kind of update that Path of Exile will be throwing out soon, as it features a fairly long list of bug fixes as its primary feature.

The next update fixes bugs related to skills and passives like Elemental Overload, Necromantic Aegis, and Physical Mastery among others; stops Brands from being hidden under the floor in certain areas; addresses three instance crashes; and stops players from being able to equip a wand and a melee weapon at the same time.

The patch will also make a small number of adjustments to the game overall, but for the most part this patch is all about killing those bugs. PC players can expect this patch sometime later this week or early next week, with console players getting it shortly after.

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