VR MMO Zenith will let you be as bad a cook in-game as you are in real life


Hey, what’s that smell? Is someone torching carcinogenic plastic? Oh, what’s that you say… you’re making breakfast. Oh. Hm. Well. Perhaps you need to step away from the stove and let the professionals — and the fire department — take over.

Doing its part to keep you from burning your house down and killing your loved ones with inedible meals, upcoming Kickstarter MMO Zenith is encouraging you to try your hand at some virtual cooking instead. A new short video shows an example of how players can juggle a variety of activities to bring a recipe together. And hey, you can learn how to make pancakes by watching this, as it apparently involves flipping them in the air over and over before dumping them into a food processor. Just like real life!

Zenith recently raised an additional $10 million from investors and is preparing for an initial foray into beta testing.

Source: YouTube
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