A3 Still Alive marks one year of operation with events and a newly opened territory, starts beta testing a PC client

It got worse.

It’s been a year since A3: Still Alive, the PvP-centric mobile MMO from Netmarble, made its way to devices in our corner of the world, which is cause to celebrate the occasion with a variety of different events, from login reward goodies to special rewards for missions and even an event for new or returning players. The link above offers a central hub that outlines details and dates.

The one-year anniversary has also been a reason to open the new territory of Tuaki, which features a new equipment dungeon, a new world boss, a new raid, and a new war zone dungeon. This territory also sees the level cap rise to 200, with a bunch of relevant accessories to earn, along with Fourth Level Awakening for accessories and a stats boosting Boss Option system. Patch notes for this latest update can be read here.

Finally, the mobile MMO is expanding on to the PC platform by way of an open beta test for a PC client. Players must have an existing mobile account for the game, but it’s otherwise as simple as downloading an installer, linking said mobile account, and playing on their rig at home.

sources: press release, official site
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