Trove heralds the upcoming arrivals of Friendsgiving on all platforms and a Paragon Level system for PC


What’s coming soon to Trove? That depends on what platform you’re playing on as the game is readying players for some future content arriving to PC or console versions in the near future, and that near future is different for PC players and console players.

Fans on all platforms can look forward to the return of the Friendsgiving seasonal event, telling (warning?) players to “gather all [their] friends, put on [their] chef’s hat and polish [their] dishes to make Chefsly proud very soon.” Whether this will be similar to Turkeytopia or will be a bit different is anyone’s guess, but it’s coming soon™.

As for PC players, the PTS has been testing out Paragon Levels, a new post-level 30 character advancement system, since the tail end of October. Paragon Levels don’t actually apply any stats, but they do grant either Trovian Loops or Prime Loops on prime number levels, which can be used to craft new class-specific Signatory Rings. These rings can also be polished to engage class-specific hidden effects that boost certain powers, though these enhancements only run for a limited time.

The link above offers some details on the whole system, and it’s still currently in testing now for those eager to try it all out and provide some feedback, though it sounds like that testing is just about to wrap up.

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