World of Warcraft will allow flying in Zereth Mortis as players debate anniversary event drop rates

I want a Milky Way.

The real question of World of Warcraft tends to be whether or not you can fly in a given zone, with players often frustrated by zones that forbid players from slipping the restrictions of gravity and taking to the skies. Good news, then; it’s been confirmed in subsequent interviews about patch 9.2 that players will be able to fly in Zereth Mortis in the end. No word about how far “in the end” means, but at least you will eventually be able to fly there, right?

Meanwhile, players are debating over whether or not the anniversary event drop rates for the game’s 17th anniversary are fair, with preliminary data suggesting that the drop rate on the Illidari Doomhawk mount (an olive-green reskin of the existing dragonhawk mounts) is somewhere around 1%. Any character above Level 30 has a shot at the mount every day for killing the mount, so the debate is between players arguing that this creates an appropriate sense of prestige for players lucky enough to get it and others pointing out that this produces hours of grinding in what is ultimately not terribly compelling gameplay… for something supposedly added to celebrate the game.

Source: Wowhead (1, 2)

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