New World says it’s banned over 1660 exploiters and purged 98% of duped stuff from the economy


Hey, cheaters: If you thought the sheer volume of exploits rampaging around New World the last month and change meant you’d slip by under the radar and get away with it, you were wrong. Late last night, Amazon posted a dev blog announcing that it’s permanently banned more than 1660 players, “removing their items from the economy, and cancelling their trade post listings,” specifically because of their exploits with packet manipulation duping bugs. As of November 2nd, the studio says, 80% of the duped items and gold were removed from the game’s wilted economy, with another 18% taken care of by yesterday. The other 2% were apparently accidental, so those players won’t be banned.

“We’ve also investigated how these duped items have impacted the end game progression,” the studio says. “Our investigation has not shown a significant uptick of max level gear. The below chart shows that the number of players with even a single piece of max level gear is still quite low. We did a specific deep dive into Voidbent Armor, and while some of the armor was duped, much of it was removed from the game through bans and it is still a very rare item. We are still examining the narrower list of items involved in the housing exploit and there will be further permanent bans there as appropriate.”

Amazon does say it’s continuing to work on its “response time” for handling exploits.

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