Warframe announces a multi-week unvaulting of Prime Frames through the New War’s release


Did you miss out on some of your favorite Prime Frames before Warframe decided to stuff them into a vault? Then today is your lucky day as Digital Extremes has begun the Prime Resurgence, a 10 week-long event that will see two Prime robot suits (robot people? robot avatars?) leave the vault and become available to purchase or unlock via in-game means.

Earning or buying these Frames is centered around Aya and Regal Aya currencies, the former of which can be earned in-game in locations where Void Relics usually drop and the latter of which can be bought directly. In both cases,players have to trade these currencies to Varzia in Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars, either by unlocking void relics to reassemble Primes with Aya or simply by getting a Prime directly with Regal Aya.

The first two Primes for this week are Mag and Nova, along with a selection of Prime weapons for each, while successive Primes are outlined in a calendar so players can look ahead to what’s next. This promotion will run all the way through the release of the New War update, which is coming this December. To get players up to speed on what’s happening with Warframe’s narrative, there’s a video that summarizes the story.

source: press release
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