Elyon adds a new clan map in today’s patch, postpones new 10-person raid


It’s patch day over in Elyon, and this one’s actually a relatively meaty one for this still-got-that-new-car-smell MMORPG.

“With today’s patch we’re bringing a new Clan War map, new loot in Luminus Battle and a variety of system improvements,” Kakao says. The clan war map is now dubbed Waving Citadel, with five bases inside its circular walls. We also spy multiple UI and mechanics tweaks, including the addition of the batch dismantle button and the addition of mana awakening presets.

Do note that if you were expecting a large raid today, that’s been postponed.

“Within our plans was the addition of a new 10-man raid, which we unfortunately had to push back due to it’s difficulty level – we’re now back to the drawing board to make adjustments and bring it to you as soon as possible in a more suitable version that more players can enjoy.”

Source: Patch notes
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