SMITE, PUBG Mobile, and Fortnite kick off ridiculous and fun transmedia synergy events

SmiteFormers: NarutoNite Runeterra Battlegrounds


We live in a video gaming world where SMITE characters wear Transformers as skins, Naruto ninjas decided to battle it out in Fortnite, and the world of Runeterra from League of Legends is all up in PUBG Mobile’s business. It’s absolute crossover madness because there are no rules, only IP rights being rented out to anyone and everyone. Why not.

The Transformers and SMITE crossover has been reported on before, so consider this a reminder that the battle pass that features the robots in disguise is now available in the game, with a Megatron skin for Ra, Starscream skin for Jing Wei, and Optimus Prime skin for Geb.

Meanwhile in Fortnite, Naruto has brought a gaggle of cosmetics including skins, back blings, gliders, and pickaxes, all of which are available in the game’s item store. There’s also a variety of missions that players can take up from Kakashi Hatake, a paper bomb kunai throwing weapon, and a replica of the Hidden Leaf Village in Creative mode.

Finally, we once again point to the League of Legends Arcane series crossover with PUBG Mobile that has kicked off today, bringing a new story complete with quests, earnable Arcane-inspired emotes and items, and the arrival of a Mirror Island mode that lets players transform into Jinx, Vi, Jayce, or Caitlyn, each with their own unique abilities.

Will these great tastes taste great together? Who knows. All we know is that everyone and everything can cross over in online gaming. If that is truly the case, we demand to play as Bread Girl in WAR: ROR. Do it, you cowards.

source: so many press releases
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