Trove’s Turkeytopia, Friendsgiving, and the Polished Paragon patch are live today

We don’t get a whole ton of Thanksgiving-related events in MMORPGs, but Trove is one of our favorite exceptions. Gamigo is going all out this year with both a Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving event, complete with new decorative items, a full questline, invasions, new bosses, a new ship, new mounts, new wings, new minipets, and gobs more. The studio is also releasing its Polished Paragon system aimed directly at endgame toons.

“Starting today, all experience points (XP) earned on Level 30 classes will go towards receiving Paragon levels for that class. While the effort to fill the XP bar for those Paragon levels may be a bit higher than before, the rewards will be worth it. Trovians will earn Loops (Trovian or Primal) that can be used for crafting Signatory Rings. Yes – those are Crystal Level rings! Just like any other Crystal gear, these range from Crystal level 1 to Crystal level 4, but unlike anything else, they can be customized to each class. Crystal rings aren’t the only rewards earned through Trove’s Polished Paragon system. Players’ efforts may also spawn a Primal Paragon Piñata near them and in their inventory. These piñatas contain anything from ore, flux, Trovian loops up to Paragon’s Marks used to craft all-new items at the Paragon Workbench in the Paragon’s Palace in the Hub.”

So there you go. Turkeytopia and the Polished Paragon patch are live today on both PC and console.

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