Babylon’s Fall appears to be using armor models from Final Fantasy XIV in its most recent beta test

No, not these sets. Yet.

The third closed beta for the upcoming action RPG Babylon’s Fall from Platinum Games and Square-Enix has wrapped up, and one player has noted that the armor in the game looked familiar. Really familiar. Like “this is the armor from Final Fantasy XIV” familiar. While the armor in question appears to have been recolored and had some small details changed, it looks like the majority of the set was indeed reusing models and assets from FFXIV.

Of course, this is not in and of itself that unusual. As noted, Square-Enix is behind both games, and FFXIV certainly has no shortage of reused models and assets from older games (of particular note are several bosses from the Return to Ivalice raids which were taken directly from the Final Fantasy XII remaster), because making new models takes time and these properties are owned by the same company. Not reusing models would be kind of silly. If anything, it means that if you like some of the more grounded armor looks from FFXIV, you’ll have another game that at least currently appears to be using exactly those. And, hey, it’s fun trivia.

We should talk about that beta, huh? Look for that tomorrow.

Source: Twitter; thanks to Samantha for the tip
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