BitCraft has officially kicked off its pre-alpha testing, promises more invite waves are coming


BitCraft, the social and exploration-focused sandbox MMORPG that introduced itself to fans this past September, has been talking up the start of its pre-alpha for a while now. The time for talk appears to have ended now, as the game has announced it is sending out its first invites to the pre-alpha.

The announcement states that this test will be under NDA, with a goal of getting unbiased impressions of players (hence the NDA) and answering “specific questions about game mechanics in a controlled environment.” The first wave is noted as being rather small, but there will be additional invite waves, while pre-alpha testing is expected to run for several months. Once pre-alpha is finished, future tests are expected to be less restricted and include a broader community overall, as was noted previously.

All in all, there’s still plenty of time to sign up for selection if you haven’t already, or simply keep an eye on your inbox for your golden ticket if you have signed up.

source: press release
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