Elyon reveals its new Archer class, launching in 2022


Kakao is busy today: It just dropped a big tease for Elyon in the form of a video reveal of the Archer class.

Now, if you’ve been following Elyon a while, you already know that people have been hungry for an archer for a really long time, and in fact people have been pretty mystified at the presence of a Gunslinger but no bow-user. Kakao has apparently heard your stomachs rumbling and is offering it up as a juicy morsel… next year.

“Coming in 2022,” is all the official video says. “Take a look at the new class: Archer.” Just from the visuals provided, it’s an extremely jumpy, active class that works from a relatively close range, not one where you’ll be sitting back and firing from an extremely long distance. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube
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