EverQuest II’s Visions of Vetrovia gets a release date of December 1


Pack your booty and find your most stylish tricorne because EverQuest II is headed to the high seas to chart some new land. Or at least is going to dress like a pirate and very possibly go “yarr” a lot. The Visions of Vetrovia expansion pack has gotten its release date: Wednesday, December 1st, with a release time of 3:00 p.m. EST.

As we reported when the expansion was first unveiled, Visions of Vetrovia sees players joining the crew of Douglan Wakerunner to find “an isolated continent plagued by dark curses and discordant energies” with locations like the Svarni Expanse, Karuupa Jungle, Mahngavi Wastes, and the ominous Castle Vacrul. Also, according to that key art, there will be dinosaurs.

The expansion is up for pre-order now and beta testing of the expansion is still ongoing. Clearly, though, that won’t be ongoing for too much longer.

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