PlanetSide 2’s latest update celebrates nine years, preps for the arrival of Oshur, and adds ASP 2 progression


PlanetSide 2 saw a pretty significant update land to the game for both PC and PS4, offering up all sorts of things for players to do, whether its celebrate an anniversary, rank up some more, or prepare for the arrival of the new continent of Oshur.

The notes begin with celebrations for the shooter’s ninth anniversary, with double XP for all players between now and November 25th, a commemorative decal to unlock, and a bunch of celebratory bundles for sale just in case you like to mark an anniversary with dev studio wallet slapping.

The update also kicks off the second campaign, Distant Shores, which effectively sets the table for the Oshur continent’s arrival. This campaign’s chapters will be unlocked individually and must be completed in sequence, while unlocking the campaign is free for subscribers. As for PS4 players, the last campaign involving the Shattered Warpgate will not be released to the platform due to hardware limitations, but players who did partake in the previous campaign’s chapters will get all of the final chapter’s rewards and can start off Distant Shores.

Finally, there’s a new level of the Advanced Specialization Program (ASP). Appropriately called ASP 2, this new progression system will reset players’ battle rank but will grant some new ASP passive skills every 25 ranks on top of existing class modifications. Accessing the ASP system requires players to have already hit battle rank 100, and subscribers will be able to unlock ASP 2 for free. On the subject of maintenance, yesterday saw a speculative crash fix deploy as well as the delivery of specific freebies for the anniversary and Extra Life charity support.

sources: official forums, Twitter (1, 2)

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