Swords of Legends Online’s Forbidden Court update brings new raid and PvP content today

Swingy and choppy.

Gameforge has been making a whole lot of noise regarding the next major content patch arriving to Swords of Legends Online, and that noise has hit its crescendo as the Forbidden Court update arrives to the MMORPG today, bringing with it new PvP content, a new area, and new raids to players.

This latest update adds several things including the new Floral Palace area that players must defend from attackers, two new raids in the form of the Sparkwood Gardens raid and the titular Forbidden Court raid, and a Memory Box feature that lets players earn endgame rewards for playing harder versions of dungeons.

The update is also offering up new PvP content in the form of the GvG Fifty Islands of Chuyun battleground and the team-focused Battle in the Sands. The game’s new PvP season will also start shortly after today’s update, offering new rewards and rankings to earn as well as some currency changes.

sources: press release, Steam
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