EverQuest-inspired Monsters & Memories updates its fans on art progress


One fun little MMORPG project that we’ve been tracking this year is Monsters & Memories, a throwback-style virtual world that’s being created by one of EverQuest’s developers. This past week, the M&M team posted a dev blog updating players on the progress that’s being made to the key art, thanks to a pair of new artists that joined the team.

The focus of the post was on player character art, environmental art, and the visual style of critters. While it’s all got that chunky, too-early-for-early-access look to it, these graphics help to give an idea of where the team is going with the game — and what personality Monsters & Memories will have.

“It’s still early in the process, but we’re really excited about the progress,” Niche Worlds Cult said. “Plus, we feel that we’re not only nailing the classic style, but also pushing it to do more without losing the old school charm.”

Source: Monsters and Memories. Cheers, Nick!

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I love how they try to keep the old style and updating it in the same time, it’s a hard task but so far i think they’re doing a good job, i wish them the best of luck.