In-development PvP MMO Profane explains its primordial ‘mind’ element


The world of Profane is powered by five different primordial elements: light, shadow, life, instinct, and mind, the last of which is the subject of another series of tweets from the developing MMO.

“Mind represents that which makes you think and glimpse towards the future. It is the creativity that separates the Fel-Vedai from others creatures that inhabit Semisus. It is the ability to imagine and to abstract. It represents movement and the future.”

While the thread doesn’t exactly explain just what this element is capable of from a gameplay standpoint, it does reference astral projection, foreseeing future bad events, psychokinetic powers, and mind manipulation, while a video of early concepts shows character levitating items or using what look like psionic ropes to either bind foes or create a comfy hammock for a pet, apparently. It’s all a bit nebulous and exploratory, but the thread could still be worth a peek for followers of this in-development title.

source: Twitter
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