PSA: Here’s what to expect with Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker early access

Almost tangible. Again.

If you’ve been through a Final Fantasy XIV expansion launch before now, you probably know what to expect ahead of the Endwalker early access period because it’s not all that different. But, you know, you can’t forget that the game has seen a big influx of players this past year, some of whom have probably never done this dance. What should they expect? Fortunately, a new post from the official site lays out exactly how the early access period will work and what to expect.

Most notable is the fact that the early access period will officially end on December 10th, which is a few days after the full release on December 7th. This gives people who have pre-ordered a few days to enter their code from the full release without being cut off from access. Check out the whole rundown if you’re still new to the game’s expansion rollouts, as there is useful information therein.


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