Embers Adrift, formerly Saga of Lucimia, preps a Thanksgiving weekend alpha test


Citing a “tradition” to hold a test during the Thanksgiving holiday, Saga of Lucimia-turned-Embers Adrift is revving up its alpha server for a run from next Thursday through Sunday.

“The team has worked very hard to get several novelties, improvements, and updates for this weekend! All information will be shared in the secrecy of our alpha forums,” the team oh-so-helpfully said.

Earlier this month, the team posted a state of the game report in which it reported on some of the recent additions to the MMO: “A new dungeon has been added to our starting zone, South Newhaven […] Our enemies have been given more diversity in kind and in combat which has been really fun. Dual-wielding and off-hand blocking are in. Our regeneration rates have been revamped to help with downtime and even healing abilities were given a boost.”


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