Albion Online details Lands Awakeneds’ war gloves abilities, elite levels, and hideouts


We’re just two days away from the launch of Albion Online’s Lands Awakened, and Sandbox Interactive is dishing out its next-to-last dev blog and notes for players.

First, the studio has released a fresh video on the new war gloves weapon skill and the elite levels for all weapons. War gloves, of course, are the first new weapon skill that the game has seen since launch; with their punchin’ gloves equipped, players will find a range of abilities to unleash on opponents, from kicks and knock-ups to leaps and explosive bursts. Elite levels, on the other hand, work for everyone, as they allow endgame players to continue developing their chosen weapon specialization far beyond the former caps.

Meanwhile, if you’re a hardcore guild PvP player, especially in a smaller guild, you’ll want to be aware of the changes to headquarters that are planned for the first big post-update patch. “The key impact of these changes is that guilds that are active can now progress and be rewarded during a Season that’s already running,” the team says.

Expect one more dev video coming this week: “Lands Awakened launches on November 24, and soon after that we’ll have a final Dev Talk where we show some big UI improvements to Loadouts, farming, and party invites,” the studio promises.


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This is one of the things I like the most about Albion. It is constantly releasing new content on a regular predictable timeframe. It is truly refreshing to play a game this is so healthy and seemingly well managed. From these dev talks, you can see the love the devs have for the game. While many complain about how ganky the PVP is, it is refreshing to join a game that is so well populated pretty much round the clock. I am looking forward to this latest update and will definitely be rocking those new gloves!