Ashes of Creation’s latest livestream discusses continued combat adjustments for alpha 2


A PvP game like Ashes of Creation is going to have lots of combat, obviously, and it’s been on the minds of Intrepid Studios’ devs according to creative director Steven Sharif. The game’s most recent developer livestream talked up the continuing work on alpha 2 and the “exciting prospects” for fighting in the new build.

Sharif notes that discussions around combat with the design team have been “lively and passionate” and that prototyping for new combat changes is in the works that acts on the feedback that alpha 1 players provided. Possible changes include unifying or adjusting the camera when in tab-target and action combat modes, the potential for having skills operate differently when in tab-target or action mode, and universalized hitboxes so smaller characters don’t have an advantage in combat. There was also talk about improving performance, particularly in regards to projectile-based attacks.

While this work is indeed being done, Sharif pointed out that the team isn’t able to show any work in progress due to the fact that prototypes are… prototypes; the team is changing, replacing, and ripping out things as iteration occurs, and the devs want to have something that’s more “solidified and presentable.” So in lieu of that, there’s another mount showcase. The full broadcast is below.

source: YouTube
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