MapleStory M lets players pre-build a Pathfinder and applies ‘substantial’ class rebalancing in latest patch


The edgy, dark, arrow-firing Pathfinder class is on its way to MapleStory M in December, but the game’s latest update is letting fans of the mobile MMO put together their character ahead of time. Doing so will not only see players ready for the class’ arrival, but grant them up to four weeks’ worth of rewards, assuming they can get their Pathfinder built quickly enough.

The new patch also offers what is being called a “substantial rebalancing” for several of the game’s classes including Battle Mage, Night Lord, Luminous, Bow Master, Dark Knight, Wind Archer, Paladin, and Bishop. The balancing also extends to certain force fields as well as the Root Abyss Expedition, which now has a longer timer on normal difficulty, lower boss HP on normal and hard difficulty, and an extra rewards box after a specific clear count is met.

Finally, the update has kicked off leveling events between now and December 3rd, a Burning Challenge event running until December 15th, and the third season of the Maple Museum available through December 9th.

source: press release
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