The Daily Grind: Do all the New World issues make you less enthusiastic to play?


We were talking in work chat the other day about how all New World really had to do this year was launch in a competent state without, say, rampant duping bugs and constant issues. Alas, that was not to be; it seems like every week there’s a new duping bug or gold bug or chat window bug or some other game-breaking bug that makes you wonder what in the world all the delays were for if the game still can’t accomplish the seemingly small lift of working properly. Seriously, this does not seem like a big ask of the game!

Yet I am admittedly on the outside looking in here. I know the game has its fans (and I’m glad), and while I bet some people have bounced off due to the aforementioned weekly stream of game-crashing exploits, some people are probably still having a grand old time in the game. Heck, I hope people are having a grand old time in the game! So let’s put it to a question. Do all the New World issues make you less enthusiastic to play? Or is your continued time in the game (or lack thereof) independent of the various bugs and exploits?

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I uninstalled weeks ago.


Can’t say it any better than John Buczek or Vorender in the comments below, but I’ll add my take anyway:

Nope, not really.

Honestly, I’m just incredibly happy to have been part of the launch of a AAA MMO. Whatever happens, I’ll be cheering for the devs. I hope they find their lane and absolutely crush it.

Robert Mann

Not entirely. What does make me less enthusiastic, and has ANY spending on hold with direct feedback about it, are three things.

1. Player ability balance and ruining PvE for instanced PvP. This should have been done with in games years ago, but still happens… it needs to stop.

2. Enemy balance, and low population time balance of enemies. The first is negative changes that they have made, the second is something that games need to consider. Some of us DO have jobs where we are not on at peak hours often. Those people deserve consideration for content and ability to play without the peak hour populations…

3. Crafting balance. Aiming to move more XP to the back end and higher tier crafts was good. Making it slightly harder was not. Developers need to hard stop on making things more difficult AFTER people have done it. That’s just punishing people who have a life outside the game.

Fixing those three things, the game would be solid for the PvE side still, outside the zerg-to-end locusts that will never have enough.

Loyal Patron
John Buczek

Nope. I’ve played a lot of MMOs over the years. They either work out their issues or die off.

I’m hoping AGS figures it all out. But until then my wife and I are having a blast playing.


Love this sentiment. It’s simple and inspiring.

Kickstarter Donor

No. Only issues on my server is gathering bots and war lag. We haven’t had any noticeable duping or time jumps or anything like that, so overall the big issues haven’t had a big impact. I’m still enjoying it, so I’m still playing it.

Bruno Brito

New World makes me less enthusiastic to play New World.


Nah, but I’m old school. If the fun I’m having outweighs the bugs, then I will play the game. I’m used to MMOs being buggy and janky. hehe.


It has made me delay trying the game for the time being. I don’t want to lose my progress to any rollbacks they may do or stumble onto some exploit that will get my account banned. I’m going to wait till the game is more stable before investing any time in it.

Bryan Correll

It’s starting to feel a lot like ArcheAge. There’s a lot to like, but not enough to overcome the screw ups. I’ve played some but it hasn’t managed to hook me. Though speaking of hooks it has a pretty good fishing system. I spent most of my last play session doing that.


I wouldn’t be playing this game even without the bugs.