BioWare teases ‘big changes for PvP’ in SWTOR coming in 7.2 next year

When Legacy of the Sith launches on December 14th, Star Wars The Old Republic fans can look forward to a rash of new content. But PvP players should also be prepared for the end of the ranked PvP season, and to that end BioWare has published a piece running down requirements for all of the tiers as well as the specific weapons on offer – in this case, the Unrivaled Guardsman Weapon Set.

“This new Weapon Set from Season 14 will be offered at a discounted price of 50,000 Tokens until the end of the next Ranked Season. Similar to last season, the Replica rewards from past Ranked Seasons will be available to purchase from the PvP vendor. These items look and function the same as the originals, but are branded “Replica” to maintain the prestige of the original Season rewards. Don’t wait too long as these rewards will no longer be available for purchase when the next PvP Season starts.”

BioWare does end the blog piece with a bit of a tease for the future. “For those who are already looking ahead to the next season, we have big changes for PvP coming next year in Game Update 7.2,” the studio teases, referring to what will apparently be coming several patches after 7.0 and also that there will be several patches after 7.0, which is a nice comfort if you were wondering. “Stay tuned for more details.”

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