Dauntless launches the Ramsgiving seasonal holiday and a rampaging pig island event


At the beginning of November, the devs of Dauntless noted that two events would be landing today: the return of the Ramsgiving seasonal holiday event and a new hunting ground event involving rampaging gruk-gruks. Consider this your friendly reminder that both events have come online as promised.

This year’s Ramsgiving event once again features Golden Rams currency, which can be earned from completing bounties, breaking Behemoth heads, and taking part in the Gruk-Gruk Rumble island event. Rams can be used to pick up plenty of ram-headed cosmetics, including the Benson’s Ramslammers strikers skin and various other goodies in Ozz’s Shop. Over the course of the event, players will be able to get six free bounty tokens from coin flips at the fountain, and there are Ramslators that can be found around Ramsgate who will grant some lore details as well as a rumor for the Benson’s Battleblasters repeaters skin.

As for Gruk-Gruk Rumble, this new island event can be found at Conundrum Rocks. Players will have to fend off waves of enraged roly-poly boars in order to halt them from finding a way to thaw their frozen lord King Gruk. That’s Dauntless’ story and it’s sticking to it.

Ramsgiving runs between now and November 30th, while the Gruk-Gruk Rumble will be a permanent fixture in the Conundrum Rocks hunting ground. After that, fans can look forward to a December 2nd update that will feature a new Behemoth with new weapons and armors, a refresh of the chain blades weapon, and a new hunt pass.


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