Mortal Online 2 goes into early access for a $40 buy-in price


Remember when Mortal Online 2 declared that as a result of how its beta went, the game was not going to be entering into early access? Good times. Anyhow, the game just went into early access after all for the initial price of $40, with the promise that once the game fully launches on the previously announced date of January 25th, players will need to pay a monthly subscription fee to play the game. But it comes with a free month of gametime for free, like it’s the year 2005 or something.

In deference to the game, the official Steam page makes it clear that this early access launch is entirely so that players have access to buy into the game’s closed beta program ahead of launch, and no fees will be charged during the early access period (aside from, you know, the obvious $40 cost to buy the game). You can also check out the most recent patch notes if you’re considering getting into the game and want to see what’s changed. Still, it’s a reversal of course after the game had already reversed course on early access once before.

Source: Steam (1, 2) via MMO Fallout
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