Pixelart Ravendawn charges into Alpha 3 – check out the new trailer


Massively OP readers know that we like to pull for the little guys trying to make a name for themselves in the MMORPG industry, and it doesn’t come more little — or indie — than Ravendawn. This retro-themed pixelart title is going into its third alpha test on Tuesday, November 23rd, for players who have purchased a gold-level (or higher) supporter package.

Alpha 3 will see a widely expanded game map, open world housing, gathering, farming, and animal husbandry. Smoosh those sheep together and see if they make baby fluffers!

The team recently put out a dev blog on the making of Harbor Isle: “The murky waters bathing the shores of the pirate isles weren’t always like this. Some say they began to darken during the Battle for Harbor Isle, when ash and blood from pirates and Ravenguard alike spilled freely into the oceans.”

Check out the brand-new trailer below:

Source: Press release
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