RuneScape closes out its 20th anniversary with the finale of its quest line and the return of the Party Hat


It has been 20 years since the Party Hat has been available in RuneScape when it was first handed out during the a 2001 holiday event, but as of this week’s update that has changed as the rarest of headpieces has come back to cap off the game’s 20th anniversary celebrations. See what I did there?

For the next six weeks, players can complete various objectives to find Golden Shards. When players collect eight of these shards, they can assemble a Golden Party Hat of their very own. While this party hat isn’t the same as the one handed out in 2001 – and thus doesn’t carry the same provenance – it could become just as rare as the old celebratory crown. Players may just have to wait 20 years to find out, though.

The 20th anniversary’s end is also being marked by the last step in the Once Upon a Time in Gielinor quest, rewarding four quest points, a Golden Shard for the aforementioned Party Hat, and promise of some “stunning” cosmetic rewards. Finally, this week’s update features a Ninja Strike that lowers cooldown times for Menaphos city quests and lets Soul Wars pets become follower pets. The patch notes section of Runescape’s weekly post has all of the details.

sources: press release, official site

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