SMITE is launching new duo lane guardian, Atlas, in December


SMITE is getting another new god just in time for Christmas: Atlas. Atlas is the Titan from Greek mythology who was sentenced to holding up the sky forever for his role in the Battle of the Titans. The playable Atlas, however, will use the sky as a weapon, quite literally.

“The Titan Atlas, SMITE’s upcoming Guardian, was sentenced by Zeus to haul the heaviest burden there is: the universe itself, contained in an Astrolabe,” Hi-Rez says. “In-game, he uses it as a mighty weapon. As Atlas, players can wield the Astrolabe to release cosmic shockwaves, stun enemies, and briefly trap them inside before relocating them. Atlas can also alleviate allies of their own burdens – and place them on enemies instead.”

“The title of Titan brings along high expectations. In many traditional works of art the Titans look exactly like the gods of Olympus, but modern interpretations often have some significant visual changes to them, and we intended to do the same. We want Titans in SMITE to stand out from the rest of the roster. We have already set a precedent for Titans in our universe through the game mechanic of Titan bosses – the ones players must slay to win the game. We will draw inspiration from these, as well as taking strong themes from Atlas’ unique persona. […] Atlas is a traditional guardian, focused around crowd control and bolstering allies or hindering enemies. He is designed specifically to be a duo lane guardian. Although we fully expect players and pros to try him in the Solo Lane, he will likely struggle there. Atlas can be played in an aggressive fashion, setting up kills for his team mates, but he can also be played as a true peel guardian. We believe that he can be flexible in his play style while still being a Support.”

More details are as usual slated to be revealed on the game’s next Twitch stream from the devs; it just so happened to be scheduled for November 24th at 3 p.m. EST, so you haven’t got long to wait.

Source: Official site, press release
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