Battlefield 2042 talks up plans to tackle performance issues, weapon spread, and XP farming


Last Friday saw Battlefield 2042 make its worldwide release and developer Dice is not about to sit back and let the game go without some updates for too long. A dev blog about the road ahead offers some insight into the game’s next two updates and what the devs are focusing on with those updates.

Leading off the blog is discussion related to server and game performance, noting that there are rare instances of hitmarkers not registering correctly and players not spawning into servers with their intended loadout. The former issue is reportedly hard to reproduce but is being investigated, while the latter has a fix that’s coming in the game’s second update. The devs have also identified and fixed a critical issue with the Xbox Series X/S version, while PC players can look forward to further optimizations to reduce CPU load and improve framerates at a later time.

Weapon spread was touched on next, with the devs noting that updates 2 and 3 will attack unexpected weapons behavior. Upcoming fixes will address weapon spread being fixed globally when zoomed in and moving, spread decreasing faster and earlier when pacing shots, and spread being too high after players sprint and then zoom in with Portal weapons.

Finally, the devs discuss the temporary shutdown of XP earnings in Solo, Co-Op, and Custom Portal Experiences due to players building XP farms. As of this past weekend, those shutdowns have been removed as XP caps are now working as intended.

Update 2 is expected to go live tomorrow, with update 3 sometime in early December and a fourth update arriving sometime before the holiday season. The devs will also share details about the game’s first season, which is expected in early 2022.


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Jose Manrique

What bout the most important…VOICE CHAT!!!!!!

Jon Wax

Easily the biggest piece of garbage to ever get shat out of a company.

The amount of inane design decisions is really boggling.

If a lawyer prosecuted a case as badly as the lead designer designed this flop they would have been disbarred


Time is not on their side…

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Jack Pipsam

Battlefield & CoD gave Halo Infinite the silver platter lol.