Old School RuneScape adds new features to Android beta and introduces a literal gold sink


What better way to say “I have more money than you” than to have a working kitchen sink that’s made almost entirely of gold? Old School RuneScape players can now own that flex with this week’s update, and it is indeed a flex, as it requires five gold leaf, five mahogany planks, and 10 of a new material known as condensed gold, which can be bought only from the Keldagrim Stonemason Shop for 10 million GP apiece.

Ostentatious kitchenware aside, the update has also improved Group Ironman mode and increased bank space, in addition to a variety of adjustments based on player feedback..

Last but not least, the Android version of the MMORPG is beta testing multiple new features for selected participants from now until December 8th. These features include HUD improvements, buff bars, fishing spot indicators, and increased draw distance among other things. Testing applicants have already been invited, but future testing may be needed, so eager fans may still get their shot later.

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