The Daily Grind: Which MMO deserves a full do-over?


Poor beleaguered RIFT fans probably have no idea what to make of Gamigo’s promise to release some sort of “great update” for the long-neglected MMO early next year. Honestly, I have no idea what to make of it. We all kind of assumed that Gamigo was going to can the game after milking the last dollars of the faithful, and that would be that.

Now there’s this weird sliver of hope that’s come into the equation, and it’s roused a great anger in me that this is how low RIFT has been brought that we’re now excited about mere scraps. Honestly, if I had a magic wand to wave over this situation, I’d give RIFT a grand do-over that it deserves. A fresh start with a better company and the promise of more content. (I really like this title, if you didn’t guess.)

I’m sure we all feel that way about some neglected title or another. Which MMO do you feel deserves a full do-over?

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I’d love to see another run at Warhammer Online. Such potential and I even sorta liked the old one. I know there’s a private server out there, I’m just a bit wiggly about signing up for that.


It’s free so there’s no harm in trying it. I last played it like 2 years ago and it was good fun but iirc they only had up to like level 30 done. I heard it’s improved a lot since then. Don’t have a PC anymore(fried) so I can’t say for sure how it is now.


Lotro after moria and a combat upgrade. Also rift and wildstar.

C Young

WildStar. Probably the most ambitious, well thought out game that only had to Not screw up endgame to succeed. Due to the devs expectation that the ‘hardcore player’ was the only one who deserved to be in endgame, however casual players or people with shoddy internet couldn’t do anything but creating, housing or their secondary jobs (like exploring, which was fantastic) and the title died.


Every single one of them.


Final Fantasy 11. It had a real grind. Boss fights were difficult enough to make you appreciate winning. The rewards were mostly gear, which helped you defeat other bosses. You actually had to know what your role was as a group member and do it well, or maybe your group would wipe! Lol

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Tobasco da Gama

Reboot The Secret World with a company that wants to invest in the story parts everyone raves about instead of catering to an ever-dwindling audience of hardcore grinders.

Michael Lehner

Kind of this, yes.

To be fair, old TSW also was with the back to its wall, due to the high quality and thus high cost of the content, compared to a small player base. But the reboot also was not exactly a success. Where TSW was like “our players are really smart and we can demand a lot from them”, SWL was all “our players are very stupid and we can’t expect anything from them”.

Something in between probably would have been the way to go. And if it would just have been a very strong set of training wheels on the character system, so new players would not gimp themselves into oblivion when not investing the time and effort to understand the power of TSWs skill wheel.

Unfortunately this won’t ever happen.

Mr. E.™
Mr. E.™

The current state of this game breaks my heart. The story/lore in TSW/SWL is some of the best I’ve ever come across in an MMORPG.


Everything about Runescape that is Runescape except gorgeous graphics.

Bruno Brito


Best quests i’ve ever played in my life, interesting class system, great world building. It lacked a lot of features and it would be nice if it got a “RO2” Reloaded version to it.

Just make it ESO questing-like, with a tabtarget combat and cool features like housing and such.

Toy Clown

Everquest 2, at least from the last time I tried to play it. I loved the game, but it was so full of bloat that taking a break and missing an expansion left me at a loss of how to play. From too many abilities, too many alternate abilities, too many quests that you quickly grew out of, etc.

It also miffed me to no end that the only players who had really cool houses used an add-on that I couldn’t grasp. I have no idea if decorating on axis has been added to the game since I left, but it would be nice.

Another issue I had was the two sets of character creation. The old style, then the anime-ish style that was released in Asia. Somewhere along the line they bongled the original graphics and they looked just sort of … blobby after some update they did years ago.

I’ve been tempted to jump back in, but I remember all of those things and I cringe away from the game. In all fairness, though, it has been a few years since I’ve touched it. Maybe some things have changed.

Ardra Diva

it hasn’t aged well, but it offers a stupendous amount of content virtually for free, so i’m thankful for that.

Jake Boller

Dark Age of Camelot. Amazing game, but the engine is ancient and clunky AF. If I could have a sequel to any game, it would be this.

Mr. E.™
Mr. E.™

DAoC was my very first MMORPG. I’d love to see it in a more modern form.