SoulWorker marks Black Friday with a limited-time raid, screenshot contest, and various item sales


We’ve been following along with Black Friday sales going on in MMO land, but the anime MMO SoulWorker is using Black Friday as a reason to release a new limited-time raid and a new contest. And also as a reason to sell items, naturally.

First, the content portion: The heroic version of the Lunar Fall raid will be available between now and December 9th, rewarding players with a box that can contain, among other things, Pale Fragment items used for crafting the game’s most advanced equipment. As one might expect, this content hopes to be a stern challenge and is meant for players that are at least level 72. The latest patch is also making some changes to Lee Nabi, kicking off login rewards and adding bonuses to XP and Zenny earnings.

Next, the contest: Players can enter a screenshot contest between now and December 9th for a chance to win the recently returned Romance and Blossom costumes, while everyone will get a variety of free items every day if 200 screenshots per day are submitted. Speaking of costumes, the devs are also handing out a Youth and Passion costume and items set via a coupon code. Details can be read in the link above.

Finally, the sales: The in-game store is offering up several limited-time cosmetics, consumables, and boosters, as well as the aforementioned Romance and Blossom costumes, all of which are part of the patch notes details.

sources: press release, Steam (1, 2)
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