Galaxies of Eden shares details of server vs. server endgame, Artist profession, and alpha testing dates


Galaxies of Eden, as we’ve noted before, has plenty of familiar trappings in an indie sandbox MMO package, and developer MIR Cybernetics Corporation is sharing that package with the MMORPG subreddit community, offering both old and new details for curious fans.

Much of the post is not too divergent from reporting we’ve shared before, including details of the game’s control scheme switching and skills and the crafting and economic beats. The post also offers a few details about the Artist profession, noting that players can craft their own performances and enter advertising contracts with other players. It also notes that all planets will only have one NPC city; all other cities on a planet will be player-built and can even offer bigger benefits than static cities. Finally, it notes server vs. server PvP as the primary endgame, with players able to be seated on a galactic council to direct the war effort provided they have the required passive skills.

The tail end of the post offers some rough windows for initial testing, planning a public pre-alpha in the first quarter of 2022 and a full alpha in the second quarter of 2022. Beta and release dates have yet to be determined, but those who are curious about this one can check out the briefing for themselves.

source: Reddit
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