Guild Wars 2’s last End of Dragons beta starts tomorrow, features all elite specs and siege turtles


Did you miss out on the previous beta tests for Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons expansion? Curious about all of the adjustments the game’s elite specs have gone through? Would you like to ride a big ol’ tortoise that’s just bristling with weapons? Then tomorrow is your favorite day as the game will kick off its final beta test for the expansion and all of those things are going to be in the build.

For those who haven’t been following along, the siege turtle is an extremely large boy (or girl) that lets two players ride it into battle, with jump jets, mortar cannons, and a big hefty body slam attack that are all at players’ command. In addition, all nine of the game’s elite specs and their tweaked tools will be playable. Those specs are all previewed in a sizzle reel embedded below.

While this is the final beta for EOD, ArenaNet is promising “many more surprises in store in the first months of 2022,” along with more livestreams showcasing the expansion up to its February launch.

Incidentally, players may want to log in to GW2 tomorrow as the next free Living World release will be available to claim for the week. Make sure to get that free story content before hopping onto the back of a murder turtle. As for the beta, that runs between November 30th and December 4th.

source: press release
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