Elyon gets toasty with its Ignous the Pyro raid


Today, it’s absolutely OK to play with fire, as Elyon’s released its newest raid, Ignous the Pyro. This 10-player dungeon can be run once a week for rewards by players who are at least level 43 and have an item level of 475 or higher.

“Today we’re adding the raid we’ve previously talked about in a modified format tailored for Europe and North America,” the studio clarified. “This version is classified as Stage 1. In the short future we’ll implement the original, more difficult formats as Stage 2 and 3. We’re looking forward to seeing you clear!”

In addition to Ignous, this week’s patch added the ability to invert the Y-axis of the camera, growth boxes (no, we have no idea what these are either), and changed how silence works.

Source: Elyon
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