Final Fantasy XIV posts the patch notes for Endwalker ahead of the expansion’s early access

Guitar solo!

Ready to forge ahead? You’ve got a little more time to wait until Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker opens up for everyone who preordered on Friday, December 3rd, but you can get some of the experience now by checking out the game’s preliminary patch notes for patch 6.0. A lot of things are flagged as hidden to prevent spoilers (including the names of at least two areas, given that four new areas are listed but the patch notes claim that other areas, plural, are hidden for spoiler concerns), but you can still get a peek at things like where the Reaper and Sage quests will start, how the game’s systems will change, and so forth.

Of course, the game’s patch notes are always extensive, so you can expect that the expansion patch notes are even longer than usual as you peruse them. If you’d like something a little more fluffy to whet your appetite aside from all that content, you can also check out the latest development dispatch discussing how the new Gpose features will work when the expansion arrives. Performance actions and roleplaying actions, oh my!

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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